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Fifth Logic launches AI consulting Division

Updated: Apr 5

In a significant stride toward AI-driven transformation, Fifth Logic, renowned for its successful AI engine FinTalkr, has announced the launch of its AI consulting division in Australia. This new division is aimed at assisting clients in navigating through the various intricacies of AI, offering services such as AI strategy, architecture, build, implementation, prompt engineering, and more.

Fifth Logic's move into AI consulting comes on the back of the resounding success of their AI product, FinTalkr. This accomplishment has positioned the company at the forefront of AI implementation in Australia, and they now seek to leverage this expertise to help other businesses tap into the potential of AI. James Wartho, CEO of Fifth Logic, underlined the motivation behind this new venture. He said, "Many clients are experimenting with AI and need assistance from people that have with complete lifecycle experience in AI. There is a huge need for our expertise and we are ready to assist."

Fifth Logic AI division is well-positioned to fill a crucial gap in the market, given the increasing interest in AI among businesses. As more companies look to integrate AI into their operations, the need for expert guidance and assistance in this field is clear. Fifth Logic's new consulting division aims to meet this growing demand and guide businesses on their AI journey. For those interested in Fifth Logic's services, they can reach out for more information via email at

In this AI-driven era, Fifth Logic's expansion into AI consulting promises to be a game-changer, offering businesses the much-needed expertise to navigate the complex landscape of AI implementation.

*January 2024 update: Fifth Logic iQ is now FinTalkr™. Learn more about what this means by reading about it here.

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