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  • James Wartho

Fifth Logic demonstrates AI capability

Updated: Apr 5

In a groundbreaking development, Fifth Logic has announced the successful production deployment of FinTalkr - a state-of-the-art AI platform designed specifically for the Financial Services sector. This achievement is a testament to Fifth Logic's capabilities and expertise in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). FinTalkr, already adopted by over 20 clients including Diverger (ASX: DVR) and a leading Super company, is a testament to Fifth Logic's technological prowess in the AI landscape. The platform boasts a combination of large Language Models (LLMs), Prompt Engineering, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech to Text (STT) functionalities and explainable AI. This unique blend of AI technologies was designed to enhance efficiency and productivity within the financial services industry.

In addition to its AI capabilities, FinTalkr is an enterprise-grade production platform featuring user centric  screens, large data processing abilities, business rules, extensive reporting, integration of several internal and external AI engines and robust security. It operates on a cloud-native, Kubernetes-based real-time processing platform, making it a powerful tool in today's data-driven financial landscape. 

Fifth Logic's build of FinTalkr is an illustrative example of the company's dedication to integrating cutting-edge AI technology into functional, user-friendly platforms. It encapsulates their vision of leveraging AI to transform the way businesses operate, particularly in the financial sector. Whilst most companies are only at the concept or POC stage with AI, Fifth Logic have productionised this technology and can bring that experience to bare with for Fifth Logic clients.

For further information or inquiries about Fifth Logic AI consulting capabilities, contact

*January 2024 update: Fifth Logic iQ is now FinTalkr™. Learn more about what this means by reading about it here.

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