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FIfth Logic iQ - ARN Award Finalist

Updated: Apr 5

ARN is proud to announce the finalists of an enhanced Innovation Awards in 2022, housing a record-breaking number of submissions in what will be the largest celebration of ecosystem excellence in delivering transformative customer solutions across Australia.

ARN congratulates Fifth Logic on becoming a finalist in the Start up Innovation category,” for their Financial Adviser automation platform Fifth Logic iQ. This platform revolutionises Financial Advice using supervised AI to drive deep intelligence into Adviser-Client meetings bringing productivity gains, automated compliance, sales oppotuinty promts and in meeting training to Advisers. This is a major step forward for and industry under huge regulatory and cost base pressures said Cherry Yumul, Vice President of Channel at Foundry. “This is a stunning statement from the market. Irrespective of ongoing societal challenges and worsening economic conditions, Australia continues to power forward unperturbed -- the ecosystem has once again raised the bar to set new levels of innovation.

“Enormous credit to the market-leading companies and individuals continuing to press ahead in helping customers innovate at pace – despite the notable difficulties – which once again demonstrates the depth of transformation taking place across the country. Congratulations Fifth Logic, nothing can stop your pursuit of excellence.”

In 2022, Innovation Awards will honour the channel across eight categories, spanning Partner Innovation, Tech Innovation, Australia-wide Innovation, Start-up Innovation, Personal Innovation, Vendor Innovation, Distributor Innovation and Hall of Fame.

Reflective of a diverse technology network, finalists range from large-scale multinational consultancy firms to emerging start-ups, alongside leading system integrators, managed service providers and solution consultants, plus cloud specialists, independent software vendors, boutique agencies and application developers. This is in addition to channel-centric vendors, telecommunications providers and supply chain experts.

Within this standout group, finalists are located across the entire country and represent all states and territories, spanning New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory (ACT, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, and Northern Territory.

Collectively, Innovation Awards in 2022 stands tall as the leading forum for setting the industry benchmark for ecosystem excellence across Australia.

The winners will now be selected by an executive panel of industry judges – acknowledging creativity, innovation, and excellence – before being announced at a celebration dinner at ICC Sydney on Thursday 15 September.

Additional information:

Fifth Logic iQ:

ARN Innovation Awards website:

*January 2024 update: Fifth Logic iQ is now FinTalkr™. Learn more about what this means by reading about it here.

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