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Martin Whiteley joins Fifth Logic's quest to add value and solve business problems using technology

Financial services specialist, Martin Whiteley, has been appointed as Director – Business Consulting with financial consultancy Fifth Logic. Martin’s focus will be on unlocking business value for Fifth Logic customers via consulting, product development, and strategic partnerships with industry specialists including RegCentric.

“I’m excited to be joining James and the team at Fifth Logic. I briefly worked with them in 2019 and have also previously worked with both James and Ash during my time at Macquarie Bank. Fifth Logic is in a very exciting place right now and I am looking forward to exploring new opportunities with them,” says Martin.

One key element pulling Martin back to Fifth Logic is the people. According to Martin, the team is a dynamic and highly capable one.

“The team is dealing with highly complex issues and challenges with immense capability. At the same time, there is a really authentic and genuine side to the team. They say what they mean. I think this is a result of attracting incredibly skilled professionals, but also then being nurtured under the leadership of James who is as passionate as he is knowledgeable,” adds Martin.

Fifth Logic CEO, James Wartho, is equally excited to welcome back Martin.

“I have crossed paths with Martin many times over the years. His experience in solving business challenges client side will bring a new and welcome perspective to our team. Martin has worked with numerous big names including Macquarie Bank, NAB, Investec and most recently ME Bank. We’re thrilled to have him on board,” says James.

Martin’s experience lends itself to the business’ focus of solving business problems. Something he has seen a lot of over the course of his career. Fifth Logic’s mission to solve business problems using technology is one that Martin believes offers great value to the sector.

“In banking, there is an unbelievable amount of time spent on manual processes. But in addition to this time, there is also a lot of room for human error. The outcome of which can be significant penalties. This is a problem faced by the whole industry. Fifth Logic saw this and thought ‘how can we solve this problem’, which is where the concept of the Reg Data Hub came from,” explains Martin.

The Reg Data Hub dramatically reduces the manual process and time spent on mandatory reporting. The system works by tagging data and flagging issues or content for consistency.

“As with any tech investment, there is work to be done upfront but once deployed, the Reg Data Hub frees up a huge amount of time. Processes that once took weeks of manpower can be done in a matter of seconds. The Fifth Logic team saw an industry wide challenge and have successfully developed a solution to add value,” adds Martin.

Martin started his career in technology on a grad scheme in the UK but quickly realised his passion was in the business area, specifically in treasury and risk management. Away from hands-on tech, Martin became a bridge connecting technology and business users. His career has centred on driving value through technology, data and business understanding.

Since then, Martin has steered numerous projects to drive business value by overcoming issues, some universal, others very specific to a particular company.

Away from financial services, Martin has also carved out a role as a career mentor. He has self-published a series of books ranging from children’s books to books for professionals facing redundancy, all of which focus on resilience and positive mindset. He successfully completed the Gold Coast marathon, on his 50th birthday, before suffering a knee injury. He is now back up and running (pun intended) and working towards his next marathon… watch this space.

To learn more about Martin’s role with Fifth Logic, the consultancy services offered or to find out how your organisation could benefit from the Reg Data Hub, contact Fifth Logic today.

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